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  1. Ultra-realistic Full-size Wearable Iron Man Mark 3 (III) Suit Armor Costume Replica


    • Model Name: Mark III (3)
    • Color: scarlet red, gold, chrome-silver
    • Size: made-to-measure
    • Add-ons: Motorized face plate, eye lights, chest Arc Reactor, Hand Repulsors, forearm missiles, motorized back wing flaps


    Product Description:

    Ultra realistic full-size wearable Iron Man Mark 3 (III) suit armor costume replica (debuted in IRON MAN 1).



    The Iron Man suit Mark 3 (III) was the third armor designed and built by Tony Stark and was the main suit Tony used in the movie and in the game of Iron Man 1. The Mark III can be equipped with a variety of incredible enhancements and upgrades. It was heavily damaged at the end of the first Iron Man film by the Iron Monger. The Iron Man suit Mark 3 (III) was later succeeded by the Iron Man suit Mark IV. Even though the Iron Man suit Mark 2 was not used in movie Iron Man 2 it was put in the Hall of Armors among the original 7 armors.

    The Iron Man suit Mark 3 has almost the same surface structure as that of the Mark 2 except the Mark 3's color scheme is the iconic red and gold and has no rivets exposed in surface of the armor.

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