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  1. Building the Fallout T-60 Power Armor (Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Fallout TV Series) Costume

    Envision yourself clad in the formidable T-60 power armor, standing shoulder to shoulder with friends or fellow Fallout enthusiasts. Excitingly, is currently crafting the T-60 power armor costume replica for an immersive and unparalleled experience. Our goal is to have it ready for you before the TV series premieres in April 2024.

    As always, our Fallout T-60 Power Armor is meticulously designed, ensuring precision and intricate detailing that mirrors the iconic in-game appearance. Elevating the experience further, it will feature voice command control, bringing the Fallout universe to life in an unprecedented way. Additionally, immerse yourself in the post-apocalyptic world with a built-in voice changer that adds a unique touch to your interactions.

    Express your love for the crafting process of the T-60 Power Armor by reaching out to us at Don't miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary journey into the Fallout universe!

  2. Secure Your Pre-orders Today for the New Iron Man Mark 85 Helmet and Halo Master Chief Helmet!

    Exciting news! We're thrilled to announce pre-orders for our upcoming releases: the Iron Man Mark 85 helmet and the new Halo Master Chief helmet (featured in Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Infinity, and the Halo TV series), both available for purchase without the full-body armor.

    Pre-orders are officially open, and each helmet is priced at 499 USD with an exclusive pre-order discount of 50 USD.

    Air Express Delivery:

    • In the US and Canada: 49 USD
    • To other countries and regions: 49 USD to 79 USD
    • Estimated Delivery Time: May 2024


    Deposit: Secure your pre-order with a 200 USD deposit.

    To place your pre-order, contact us at Upon reaching out, we'll send you the deposit invoice via PayPal. Alternatively, you can DM us on Facebook or Instagram.

    If you decide to purchase the entire full-body armor later, the cost of the helmet(s) will be deducted from the total price. No need to worry about paying twice for the helmet(s).


    Feature Details:

    New Iron Man Mark 85 Helmet

    • Voice command control
    • Exquisite motorized open-close structures (12 servos, 9 motion armor pieces)
    • Three open-close modes
    • Eye lights, interior ambient lights, cheek lights
    • Voice changer (amplify and real-time change your speaking voice, 6 voices)
    • Three pairs of exchangeable eye lights with magnetic detachable structure (ultra-bright, transparent illuminating, gap vision)


    New Halo Master Chief Helmet

    • Voice command control
    • Exquisite motorized open-close structures (3 servos, 3 motion armor pieces)
    • Interior ambient lights
    • Ventilation system
    • Detachable 'Cortana chip' (1 servo, motorized pop-up)
    • Voice changer (amplify and real-time change your speaking voice, 6 voices)


    Don't miss out on the opportunity to be among the first to experience these incredible helmets. Secure your pre-order now and step into the future of advanced helmet technology!

  3. Unveiling Premium Upgrades for the Wearable Iron Man Suit Mark 46 and Mark 47 Armor Costumes

    Embark on a journey into the future of superhero technology with our exclusive upgrades for the Mark 46 and Mark 47 armor costumes.

    New Feature Highlights of the Iron Man Suit Mark 46 / 47 Armor Costume:

    • Motorized Front Chest Armor: Effortlessly open the front chest for interior layer display, battery exchange, and easy removal of the chest Arc Reactor.
    • Removable Chest Arc Reactor: Seamlessly take out and reinsert the chest Arc Reactor, complete with its independent power source for continuous illumination, even outside the chest armor.
    • Advanced Helmet: Elevate your experience with enhanced functionality and aesthetics, featuring multiple motorized armor pieces on the faceplate and main body of the helmet.

    Secure your Iron Man Mark 46 armor costume now by placing a 500 USD deposit. Step into the future of wearable superhero technology – reserve yours today.


    Contact us for deposits, questions, and concerns at

    Having built armor costumes for over 10 years, please rest assured that all your questions and doubts will be addressed.


    Current Features of the Iron Man Mark 46 / 47 Full Package:

    Iron Man Mark 46

    Iron Man Mark 47

    Iron Man Mark 46 / 47 Full Package Features

    • Motorized mask and eye lights with sound effects
    • Chest Arc Reactor and system core
    • Hand Repulsors with sound effects and vibration
    • Spandex Bodysuit and Height increasing shoe lifts
    • Voice command control and voice changer
    • Joints sound effects
    • Full-body mini Arc Reactors
    • Motorized shoulder missile cabin with sound effects, both shoulders
    • Motorized back wing flaps with sound effects
    • Motorized forearm missile cabin with sound effects, both arms
    • Hand cover cap front lights
    • Shoe bottom Repulsors with walking sound effects
    • Ventilation cooling system

    Safe and Fast Worldwide Delivery by Air Express

    • Shipping in North America (4 to 6 business days) 499 USD
    • Shipping to other countries (6 to 10 business days) from 599 USD to 749 USD

    Upon submitting the 500 USD deposit, you will then proceed to make monthly payments towards the remaining balance during the production period. Please ensure the full payment is received before we ship your order.

Items 6 to 8 of 8 total

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