How to measure your Height?
  1. Take off shoes and remove anything on your head (besides hair).
  2. Stand with your back against the wall with your feet together. Make your body as straight as possible. The back of your feet, butt, shoulders, and the back of the head should be touching the wall. Look straight ahead with your chin tucked in.
  3. Raise a box to the top of your head, and press it against the wall, then push it down to your head. You may need a mirror or someone else to make sure the box is horizontal to the floor and perpendicular to the wall.
  4. Mark the position of the top of your head on the wall with a pencil. If possible, hold the box in its position and slide out from under it. Mark the place on the wall where the bottom of the box is resting. If you are unable to move from under the box without causing its position to shift, make the mark while holding the box on your head.
  5. Measure from the floor to the pencil mark with a tape measure and keep the measuring tape flat against the wall.
  • Please measure to an accuracy of 1 decimal place.
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