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About Quality of IronMan costume suit armor replica.

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  1. Material

    Our armor costumes are designed and build for long-term use therefore we choose material to achieve this goal.

    The major materils are as follows.

    • Polyurethane (PU) Plastic. A kind of tough and durable plastic, widely used in automobile industry and protective gears.
    • ABS Plastic. One of the most widely used engineering plastic.
    • Aluminum alloy framework. Light and strong.
  2. Painting

    Several "painting peeling off" issues were reported in the first batch of Mark 43 armors we delivered in the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016. We immediately pinpointed the fault in our painting procedure and have completely solved it. We are now spraying 2 layers of primer of which the first layer combines very firmly with the PU plastic.

    • first layer of primer
    • second layer of primer
    • color paint
    • high gloss protection paint
  3. Assembly

    We have upgraded our assembly methodology for the Iron Man Mark 43 armor, Master Chief armor and all the coming soon armors so as to achieve the three goals below.

    • More durable
    • Easier to repair or maintain
    • Easier to upgrade
  4. After-sales service

    We always provide active after-sales service to solve any issue in your suit.

    Important Notice:

    • We may need to see photos and videos so as to understand the nature of issues in your armor costume.
    • We may charge some fee for after-sales service depending on the situation.

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