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MA5C Assault Rifle
ultra-realistic toy gun

MA5C Assault Rifle

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1,999 USD

The version shown in the photos and videos is not fully painted yet. The final product will be painted. You can expect to see photos and videos of the painted versions very soon.

Deposit 500 USD
Pay the remainder upon completion.
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The Best Halo Weapon Toys Ever.
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MA5C Assault Rifle

  • Magazine reloading
  • Simulated bullets (casings)
  • Chambering
  • Shell ejection upon trigger press
  • LCD screen displaying current ammo count
  • Tactical torch light
  • Firing light effects

Although the ammo count starts from 32, only 23 bullet shells are inside due to the magazine space limitation. Once all the shells are ejected, the ammo count will continue until it reaches 0.


  • Building: The product is NOT made using 3D printing technology. Major parts are molded with PU plastic.
  • Material: Durable Polyurethane (PU) plastic, ABS plastic, nylon, aluminum alloy framework
  • Painting: Automobile primer, automobile metallic color paints, automobile high-gloss protection paint
  • Size: Life-size


  • An exhibition stand
  • A name plate (FREE personalized printing. Words, logos)

Production & Delivery

  • Receive photo and video updates during production
  • Worldwide door-to-door air express shipping
  • Items securely wrapped in foam and shipped in a sturdy wooden box
  • Tracking information provided after shipping


  • Start with a deposit, then pay the remainder upon completion
  • Payment via credit and debit cards through PayPal
  • Pay in your preferred currency
  • Full payment required before shipping
Due Today 500 USD
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MA5C Assault Rifle Customizing the MA5C Assault Rifle
ultra-realistic toy gun

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