Purchase by Email

Important Notice:

Purchase by Email is not our preferred ordering method but an alternative way when you fail to buy in our webpage.


Where to contact?

Contact sales@buyironmansuit.com for purchasing.


How to Pay?

We will create you a PayPal invoice with all your requirement details in it. You can pay it no matter you have or have not a PayPal account. If you require Western Union payment method, please state in your email.


What you need to provide in your email?

1. The Iron Man mark number you are purchasing

State it is Mark 6 or Mark 42 you are buying.


2. Your Size & Measurements

Download how-to-measure instruction or read our FAQ.

Measurements required Unit
Bare Foot Stand Height inch
Body Height Inch
Leg Height Inch
Head Breadth Inch
Middle Finger Height Inch
Shoes Size Note which size system you use
Axillary arm circumference Inch
Chest circumference Inch
Waist circumference (omphalion) Inch
Buttock circumference Inch
Thigh circumference inch
Weight lbs


3. Your Electronic Add-ons Requirement

Only list what you are buying.

Add-on Options Description Price USD
eye LED lights 2 lights 29
open-close system automatically turn on Eye LED Lights when helmet closes 99
Hand LED lights left & right 29
Hand blaster repulsor left & right, must have Hand LED Lights, each has a separated switch 200
Chest LED lights   29
Arc Reactor Cover  only in Mark 42 100
Blue lights under chest   19
Separated Switches 4 switches, 1 for helmet LED and open-close system, 1 for chest LED, 2 for hand LED lights 39


4. Your Accessories Requirement

Only list what you are buying.

Accessories Options Price USD
Under wear tights - red 39
Under wear tights - black 39
height-increasing shoes pad - full pad 15
height-increasing shoes pad - semi pad 10


5. Your Delivery Time Requirement

Only list what you are requiring. There will be extra fee for In Stock and Urgent ship out options and it is different for each product.

  • In Stock ship out within 5 working days
  • Urgent ship out within 15 working days
  • Normal ship out within 20 working days
have questions or concerns? contact us.