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  1. [Project Update] The EXO-7 Falcon Suit Wing Sructure Testing

    While we are working on the new War Machine Mark I armor costume suit project, we never forget the EXO-7 Falcon suit project though three years have passed since we launched this project.

    At first, we planned to build the EXO-7 Falcon suit according to the one debuted in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. As you can see in the photo we shot in Comiket 92 (2017, Tokyo Big Sight), we completed the prototype. The visual presentation is awesome.

    Photos of EXO-7 Falcon Suit wings in Captain America: Winter Soldier

    However, that falcon suit's wings were too heavy and only allowed up and down status change. My team and I unanimously agreed that it did not meet our standard of production. Therefore, we decided to temporarily put this project on hold and do some massive redesign in the future.

    During the past three years, several new movies were released in which Sam Wilson piloted at least two versions of Falcon suits. We finally decided to build the Falcon suit in Ant-man and Captain America: Civil War. The suits in both films are almost exactly the same.

    Our engineering team redesigned the key structure of the wing framework after they delivered the new War Machine Mark I design to our prototype team. The new structure is significantly lighter and sophisticated than the old prototype and allows more exciting features including forward and backward status change, and motorized or manual joint lock. These new features allow the wearer to realize some very awesome pose in the movies, e.g. holding the wings in front of the body to protect the wearer.

  2. [Project Update] The New War Machine Mark I Armor Costume Suit Leg Testing

    We spent around 4 months' effort on the leg structure of the New War Machine Mark I Armor Costume Suit and are delighted to see that the outcome is satisfying. The lower part of an Iron Man armor costume always has the most number of articulated structures and joints - waist armor pieces, connections between crotch and thighs, knee joints, and connections between lower legs and shoe armors. The ambition to build the best armor costumes pushes us to conquer each and every challenge we met during the process of designing these joints and connections. We aim to make each joint with a smooth and wide range of movement, and meanwhile, we must not sacrifice the armor coverage. I mean, after all, we are building a wearable full body armor, not some separated parts for displaying.

    Some special movable structure was designed to realize the above vision.

    • thigh front slide armor
    • articuated knee joint armor
    • articuated hip joint armor
    • sliding back hip armor

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  3. New Master Chief Mark VI Armor Costume in Halo 5

    We upgrade the design of the Master Chief Mark VI armor costume in Halo 5 last year. Basically all the parts were remodeled and refined. More details and new components were added to the armor to push it even more realistic. But we just didn't have time to take decent photos of the new design until recently we upgraded the Master Chief armor costume's painting. Thanks to our experience in building the Iron Man Mark 46 and Mark 47, the Master Chief armor now looks much more like built by metal.

    We shot some photos of the new Master Chief armor on crates and will shoot more photos and videos of a model wearing it :) Stay tuned!

    Photos of New Master Chief Mark VI Armor Costume in Halo 5 top half 1

    Photos of New Master Chief Mark VI Armor Costume in Halo 5 top half 2

    Photos of New Master Chief Mark VI Armor Costume in Halo 5 full

  4. Take Care of Yourself,Your Family and Your Friends! Stay Tuned for Our Update!

    As COVID-19 virus has spread across the world, I hope all is good with you, my friends and our fans.

    I just want to give you a project update of the new wearable War Machine Mark I suit armor costume.

    We have been plunging a lot of effort into the connection between the thigh armor and the waist armor as well as the knee joints to give them an excellent range of motion without having to sacrifice coverage. I believe the result is outstanding and soon will post pictures and videos of these updates on our social media.Stay tuned :)

  5. [Project Update] The New War Machine Mark I Armor Costume Suit

    In less than a month, we will fully complete the New War Machine Mark I Armor Costume Suit upgrade and start the preparation of the production.

    Right now, we are working on the articulated connection between the thigh armors and the waist armor which is the most tricky part of a full-body armor costume. However, thanks to our over 7 years' experience, we are going to conquer this challenge. The aim is to allow sitting, cover over 90% of the butt part, and allow a good range of movement at the same time.

    As you may have known, we are now offering up to 500 USD discount to all pre-orders but soon this discount will drop to 300 USD maximum before the middle of February. Hurry up! If you are going to buy this fantastic new War Machine Mark I armor costume, this is the best time ever!

    About the Pre-order

    Check this post for details:

    The NEW War Machine Mark I armor costume suit is re-designed and rebuilt by our cutting-edge methodology and techniques. And it has more motorized add-ons than ever.

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    • Choose your add-ons on top of the Upgradable Package 200 USD to 350 USD discount


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