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  1. The New Iron Man Suit Mark 46 Armor Costume Update - Chest Armor

    Featuring the Independent Arc Reactor, the inner layer of chest armor with exquisite details beyond compare, and the fully motorized chest armor for the new Mark 46 armor costume.

    As usual, it's durable, wearable, and made-to-measure.

    [Limited-Time Offer] Place your Iron Man Suit Mark 46 / 47 armor costume order now to get the upcoming new features for FREE.


    Iron Man Mark 46

    Iron Man Mark 47

  2. Enhance Authenticity: Introducing Inner Soft Armor for Master Chief Mark VI Armor Costume from Halo 4 and Halo 5

    We're thrilled to announce an upgrade for our current Wearable Master Chief Mark VI Full Body Armor Costume featured in Halo 4 and Halo 5.

    The addition of an inner layer of "soft" armor is designed to match the in-game appearance of Master Chief, covering exposed areas where the hard outer layer doesn't extend. This upgrade aims to enhance the authenticity of your Master Chief armor, bringing it even closer to the iconic design from the games. Please note that the pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

    For those who have already purchased the current version, you can enjoy a discounted rate for the inner soft armor. Feel free to place your order for the current version of the Halo Master Chief armor costume with confidence.

  3. Wearable Master Chief Armor Costume from Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Infinity, and Halo TV Series

    We are excited to announce the upcoming release of a new wearable Master Chief full-body armor costume featured in the video games Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo Infinity. Additionally, the Master Chief wears the same iconic armor in the Halo TV series.

    Our goal is to elevate the new Master Chief armor, providing an exceptional wearing experience with meticulous attention to detail.

    Furthermore, we've incorporated motorized features into the helmet inspired by the TV series. For those who prefer a traditional look, these features are entirely optional.

    While the price of the new Halo Master Chief full-body armor costume (including the helmet) is yet to be finalized, it is expected to be above 6,999 USD. Alternatively, you can purchase just the helmet for 499 USD. Take advantage of our pre-order discounts: the full body armor, including the helmet, is available for 6,499 USD, and the helmet alone is priced at 449 USD.



    Q: Wearable? Size?

    A: Yes, Wearable and made-to-measure.

  4. Iron Deadpool and Iron Wolverine Paintings

    The movie "Deadpool 3" is one of the most anticipated films in 2024. Everyone loves Deadpool. Everyone loves Wolverine. We are going to release two new paintings for our wearable Iron Man Suit Mark 3 armor costume, reflecting their new looks in the movie.

    Mark 3 Iron Deadpool
    The Mark 3 Iron Deadpool will come with all the accessories— daggers, pistols, katanas, utility belts, holsters, pouches, and the Deadpool logo. Additionally, there will be a Rainbow Dash (unicorn).

    • Estimated Release: March 2024
    • Preorder Opening: March 2024

    Mark 3 Iron Wolverine
    The Mark 3 Iron Wolverine will feature Wolverine's iconic claws, facial hair, and the X-Men logo. The helmet will be custom-built according to the design in the movie "Deadpool 3."

    • Estimated Release: March 2024
    • Preorder Opening: March 2024
  5. Iron Patriot and Iron Captain America Paintings

    Mark 3 Iron Patriot:
    Immerse yourself in the spirit of patriotism with our Mark 3 Iron Patriot color edition. Drenched in vibrant hues paying homage to the iconic Iron Patriot, this armor costume showcases eye-catching details that embody the essence of heroism.

    • Estimated Release: January 2024
    • Preorder Opening: January 2024


    Mark 3 Iron Captain America:
    This masterpiece features a shoulder belt, waist belt, and a Captain America shield, seamlessly enhancing your superhero journey with its dynamic color scheme.

    • Estimated Release: January 2024
    • Preorder Opening: January 2024

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