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  1. Highlight the Iron Man Mark 46 XLVI Wearable Armor Costume Suit with Our New Painting Techniques

    We have been applying new painting techniques on our Iron Man Mark 46 and Iron Man Mark 47 armor costume orders for the past few months and the outcome is outstanding. The new techniques are more environment-friendly, guarantee more durability and visual effects closer to that in the movie.

    We are shooting videos and photos for a newly built Mark 46 painted by the new techniques and will soon post them on the Mark 46's dedicated webpage which we should build a long time ago. Of course, we will post all the videos and photos on our social media as well. Stay tuned!

    One more thing, we have recently designed a refined bodysuit which works perfectly with all our Iron Man armor costumes.

    To celebrate our favorite festival, Halloween, all Mark 46 and Mark 47 orders deposited between October 30th and November 30th will automatically include the refined new bodysuits.

  2. The Wearable War Machine Mark I Motorized Add-on Development Progress - Ex-Wife, Back Wing Flaps

    We have completed the prototype design and development of the Wearable War Machine Mark I Motorized Add-on - the Ex-Wife and the back wing flaps

    Enjoy and stay tuned!

  3. The Wearable Avengers Endgame Nano Infinity Gauntlet for Iron Man

    Let us build the Wearable Avengers Endgame Nano Infinity Gauntlet. It will be compatible to your Mark 46 and Mark 47's electronic system. That means you only need to take off the standard Mark 46/46 gauntlets and replace them with the Infinity Gauntlet :)

    We usually do not sell stand alone parts but for the Avengers Endgame, we will build a stand alone version of the Nano Infinity Gauntlet so you can wear it without a full body armor.

    wearable armor costume mark 46 XLVI testimonial

    If you are interested in the Wearable Avengers Endgame Nano Infinity Gauntlet, email us and tell us you want it at our email

  4. A Testimonial of the Wearable Iron Man Mark 47 Armor Costume Suit from Germany

    Today is one of our most happiest days. We received a sincere and inspiring testimonial from our good friend Derrek from Germany.

    wearable armor costume mark 46 XLVI testimonial

    I began to follow Full Body Armors in mid 2013 when they begin producing suits in foam and fiberglass. I followed them off and on through the development of their first suits and offerings and watched through the years the company grow and improve their production step by step. All the while staying as active and open as possible in such a high paced environment. Eventually I came to a point where I was looking to purchase my own Iron Man suit and I knew that these would be the folks to go through.

    I began to speak with James about my size (I'm tall) and the possibility of them building me a suit but their offerings currently were not able to go custom above a certain height due to the limitations of their manufacturing process. Since they had moved into a better, more efficient style of production, I could understand this. James gave me a tip that they would be releasing a brand new suit, with a completely new process that could be customized to nearly any size and I was very intrigued and bade my time to see this new offering.

    When the MK46/47 finally was announced, I knew this was the one! Following the development of this new suit, at every turn I was amazed and could not wait for the orders to open. Finally the day came and they started taking the preorders and I jumped on it! James was very communicative both before and after the order making sure that we got everything just right. Always being very clear about the status of the order and providing progress photos.

    Due to some delays in the production the suit wasn't able to be delivered by the original time but James was always staying in touch letting me know the status.

    Finally the day had arrived and the suit was delivered and I can only rave about this amazing masterpiece they have built. The detail and quality are without peer, and there is not a single competitor who is anywhere near the level of technology, detail, quality and care that Full Body Armors is at.

    Amazing work by James and his team, and I will be a customer for life!

    Derrek - MK46 owner in Germany

  5. The Wearable War Machine Mark I Armor Costume Suit Will Be Back Soon!

    The War Machine Mark I, [debuted in the movie Iron Man 2 (2010)], has always been one of the most popular armor costume suits. Even after we put the old version obsoleted, fans have still been inquiring about it.

    The good news is that we will soon bring this wonderful armor costume back! The new War Machine Mark I armor costume suit will be re-designed and rebuilt by our cutting-edge methodology and techniques. And it will have more add-ons than ever. I can assure you that it will be another master piece :)

    Stay tuned!

    War Machine Mark I costume suit armor design

Items 21 to 25 of 240 total

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