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  1. Unboxing Video - the Ultra-Realistic Iron Man Armor Mark 46 - You Get What You See

    Happy holidays from!

    KhanFlicks just made an amazing unboxing video for our Iron Man Mark 46 top package.

    The ultra-realistic Iron Man Armor Mark 46.

    • Ultra-realistic, screen-accurate
    • Made to your size
    • Fully motorized add-ons
    • Durable
    • Excellent range of movement
    • Smooth

    Video by KhanFlicks

    The chest Arc Reactor in the video was specially designed for KhanFlicks.

  2. Iron Man Mark 46 Z Armor Costume Suit - the Leading Actor of Our Post Halloween Mini-Movie

    I hope you all had a great Halloween weekend.

    I am thinking about making a mini-movie. The theme is post-Halloween inspired by the fact that I haven't joined any Halloween parties or events since my team and I launched this business 7 years ago.

    A team of three artisans has been working on a secret project named Mark 46 Z who will be the leading actor in this mini-movie. The Mark 46 Z is a zombified Iron Man discovered in ...

    Stay tuned!

    iron man mark 46 zombie zombified weathered battle damaged armor costume suit

    iron man mark 46 zombie zombified weathered battle damaged armor costume suit

  3. [Project Update] the New Iron Man Mark III 3 Armor Costume Suit Wearing Photos

    Since the end of 2019, we have been making some major upgrades and optimizations on top of the old version Iron Man Mark III 3 Armor Costume Suit.

    The following goals were planned and achieved.

    • upgraded painting to the Mark 46 standard
    • new segmentation of armor pieces to realize better durability
    • new articulated structures of all the joints to realize better wearing experience and coverage
    • new helmet design to achieve a better visual presentation
    • more detailed and realistic chest Arc Reactor
    • upgraded articulated hand and finger armors to the Mark 46 standard
    • new shoe armors to allow a better walking experience
    • new electronic system to allow external power supply and remote control

    We officially released the new Iron Man Mark III 3 armor costume suit on September 1st, 2020.


    Buy the new version


    Enjoy the photos!

    New Wearable Iron Man Mark 3 III Armor Costume Suit 1

    New Wearable Iron Man Mark 3 III Armor Costume Suit 1

    New Wearable Iron Man Mark 3 III Armor Costume Suit 1

    New Wearable Iron Man Mark 3 III Armor Costume Suit 1

    New Wearable Iron Man Mark 3 III Armor Costume Suit 1

    New Wearable Iron Man Mark 3 III Armor Costume Suit 1

  4. Buy the New War Machine Mark I Armor Costume Suit

    Email us to buy

    Please tell us your add-on choice and your preferred number of payments. We will do the math. Then we will send you the invoice for payment.

    wearable War Machine suit Mark I 1 armor costume front and back

    1:1 life-size wearable War Machine Mark I (1) suit costume. Made-to-measure and custom-made according to your add-on requirement.


    Details & Dimensions

    • Suit material: Polyurethane (PU) Plastic, ABS Plastic, aluminum alloy framework
    • Wearing system material: nylon belts, nylon plugs, Velcro hooks, and loops
    • Painting: primer, color paint, high-gloss protection paint
    • Suit size: wearable 1:1 life-size, made to measure
    • Suit weight: around 49.6 lbs (18 kg), varies depending on your add-ons and accessories choice
    • Shipping size: approximate Height: 20.1" (51 cm) | Width: 45.3" (115 cm) | Depth: 22" (56 cm), varies depending on your measurements
    • Shipping weight: approximate 86 lbs (39 kg), varies depending on your add-ons and accessories choice



    • Ships to North America 599 USD by DHL Air Express
    • Ships to Other countries and regions from 699 USD to 849 USD by DHL Air Express



    • North America, most of the European countries: 2 to 4 working days by DHL
    • South America, Australia, Asia, Africa, other countries and regions: 4 to 6 working days by DHL


    Price List

    • Basic War Machine Mark I (1) armor (with no add-ons nor accessories), 7,999 USD
    • Motorized face plate and red eye lights, 249 USD
    • Ultra-refined red chest Arc Reactor light and system core, 349 USD
    • Ultra-refined hand Repulsors lights with sound effect and vibration, 349 USD
    • Spandex body suit + Height-increasing shoe insoles, 199 USD
    • Voice command control and voice changer, 299 USD
    • Joints' sound effects, 199 USD
    • M134 Mini-gun with sound effects (motorized, standing by status, combat status), 1,399 USD
    • Motorized forearm Machine gun with sound effects on both forearms, 999 USD
    • Motorized back wing flaps with sound effects, 699 USD
    • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) propulsion simulators (must have the motorized back wing flaps), 499 USD
    • The Ex-Wife with sound effects in left shoulder cabin, 999 USD
    • Micro-Missile array with sound effects in right shoulder cabin, 399 USD
    • Shin back wing flaps with sound effects, 599 USD
    • Ultra-refined shoe bottom Repulsors with walking sound effects, 299 USD
    • Ventilation cooling system, 99 USD

    All add-ons TOP package 14,999 USD (Original total 15,634 USD, save 635 USD)


    Painting and Customization

    • Punishier painting & customization, 1,099 USD
    • Custom painting, start from 999 USD
    • Personalized printing (words, logo), 299 USD
    • Name plate, 99 USD

    Turn Your Wearable Armor to a Motorized Statue

    • Standard UAAS stand (black), External power supply, remote control, 649 USD


    We may charge an oversize fee depending on your measurements.



    < a href=" " style=" background:#FFFFFF; line-height:0; padding:0 0; text-align:center; text-decoration:none; width:100%;" target="_blank">



    wearable War Machine suit Mark I 1 armor costume style

    wearable War Machine suit Mark I 1 armor costume waist

    wearable War Machine suit Mark I 1 armor costume waist back 1

    wearable War Machine suit Mark I 1 armor costume waist back 2


    Wearing System

    Generally speaking, after you get familiar with the structure, you will only need about 30 minutes to put on the suit.

    Important: You are not able to wear the suit by yourself without any help from at least one assistant.

    The suit can be divided into the following wearing units (sorted by wearing sequence):

    • thighs & legs
    • shoes
    • belly & crotch
    • helmet & neck
    • chest & back
    • arms
    • gauntlets (hands)


    In the Movie:

    The War Machine Armor was first built by Tony Stark and then rebuilt from the original Mark armor II by the Hammer Industries. The War Machine Armor has a dark metallic and silver color plating on its overall armor design. Since it was formerly the Mark II, only transformed by being weaponized and customized, it retains all the signature features of the Iron Man armor and is only bulkier and heavier in appearance. The armor is equipped with a bunch of powerful weapons, including its iconic M134 mini-gun attached to the left, two large shoulder packs carrying an Ex-wife missile inside of them, and bulky forearm packs each mounted with a machine gun. The armor has a pair of large jet backpacks to give enhanced flying power to complement the significantly increased weight of the armor and weapons.

    The War Machine Armor made its debut in the movie Iron Man 2 when it was presented at the Stark Expo, piloted by Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes, as a part of a new military team held for the U.S. Military along with the Hammer Drones.



    (cited from Wikia)

    During the night at Tony's Birthday Party, he goes drunk while wearing the Mark IV Iron Man armor, which enrages his best friend Rhodey. When Pepper fails to stop Tony from being reckless in his drunken state, Rhodey, knowing that there was no other choice, heads down to the garage and dons the Mark II from the Hall of Armors. Tony and Rhodey battle to a stalemate when they fire their repulsors at each other, creating a massive explosion. Disgusted, Rhodey delivers the Mark II to the military and it is rebuilt by Hammer Industries into the War Machine.

    The War Machine, with Rhodey still as its pilot, is unveiled at the Stark Expo along with the Hammer Drones. Tony arrives in the new Mark VI armor and tries to warn Rhodey, but he is uninterested until Vanko takes control of the drones and the War Machine armor and uses them to attack. War Machine and Iron Man battle each other while Tony tries to stop the drones at the same time. Eventually, Natasha Romanoff restored control of War Machine to Rhodey and together he and Tony took out the remaining Hammer Drones. They then had to face Vanko himself in a powerful suit of armor and were unable to defeat him even working together. Remembering their earlier fight, Tony has Rhodey fire the War Machine's repulsor at the Mark VI at the same time Tony fires at him, causing an explosion in front of Vanko, destroying his suit and defeating him. Vanko self-destructs himself and his drones, but both Iron Man and War Machine escape. Rhodey later finds Tony and Pepper kissing and Tony demands the return of the armor but Rhodey refuses, citing that his car was destroyed in the battle. Rhodey then flies off in War Machine.

  5. [Project Update] The EXO-7 Falcon Suit Wing Structure Testing

    While we are working on the new War Machine Mark I armor costume suit project, we never forget the EXO-7 Falcon suit project though three years have passed since we launched this project.

    At first, we planned to build the EXO-7 Falcon suit according to the one debuted in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. As you can see in the photo we shot in Comiket 92 (2017, Tokyo Big Sight), we completed the prototype. The visual presentation is awesome.

    Photos of EXO-7 Falcon Suit wings in Captain America: Winter Soldier

    However, that falcon suit's wings were too heavy and only allowed up and down status change. My team and I unanimously agreed that it did not meet our standard of production. Therefore, we decided to temporarily put this project on hold and do some massive redesign in the future.

    During the past three years, several new movies were released in which Sam Wilson piloted at least two versions of Falcon suits. We finally decided to build the Falcon suit in Ant-man and Captain America: Civil War. The suits in both films are almost exactly the same.

    Our engineering team redesigned the key structure of the wing framework after they delivered the new War Machine Mark I design to our prototype team. The new structure is significantly lighter and sophisticated than the old prototype and allows more exciting features including forward and backward status change, and motorized or manual joint lock. These new features allow the wearer to realize some very awesome pose in the movies, e.g. holding the wings in front of the body to protect the wearer.

Items 26 to 30 of 264 total

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