Road Map In the First Season Of 2014

Many emails have been written to us to ask about our future Iron Man suit release timeline. Therefore, we feel necessary to make a more clear road map and list here for you to plan your purchase.

Upgrade the Measurement Form In Ordering Webpage
Project Deadline: 12th January 2014

We will re-establish the measurement requiring form so as to provide more suitable Iron Man suit parts to your measurement. Previously we build a standard-size suit mainly based on your stand height. Now we are going to separate the suit to several unit and build them according to the corresponding measurements. Of course, we still provide made-to-measure options for more captious requirement.

The current form

  • Stand Height
  • Head Breadth
  • Middle Finger Length
  • Shoes Size

Will be

  • Stand Height
  • Body Height
  • Leg Height
  • Head Breadth
  • Hand Size: Middle Finger Length
  • Shoes Size


New Electronic Add-ons
Project Deadline: 28th February 2014

We are going to release more electronic add-ons on top of Iron Man suit Mark VI(6). And since we are about to have significantly more add-ons to control, physical controls may come to its end. We are now developing Android and iOS apps to control all the add-ons on your Iron Man suit via Bluetooth. We will firstly release all the following add-ons with physical switches and start to accept pre-orders. Then the apps will come later. All customers who place pre-order will enjoy an 10% off discount on the subtotal (exclude shipping fee) and installment and will certainly get the suit earlier :)

  • back armor open-close system
  • shoulder armor open-close system and shoulder missile box
  • forearm armor open-close system and armor piercing bullets plate
  • hand back protector open-close system with laser gun
  • hand repulsor with sound effect


Mark 42 & Iron Patriot
Project Deadline: 7th March 2014

The Iron Man Mark 42 costume suit was planned to be released before Christmas 2013 but now it is late because the overwhelmed orders for the past Halloween and Christmas. We have now finished the development of the 3D model and the production blue print. The prototype of the Iron Man Mark 42 is being built and will be finished within another 1 month. Then we will be working on the production work flow. Since Mark 42 is much more complicated in surface segmentation and color scheme, the production procedure is also much more complicated. Therefore, the price of the Mark 42 will be 40% to 80% higher than the Mark 6 in base price (exclude the electronic). When we release photos and videos of the Mark 42, we will start to accept pre-orders as well. Discount and installment are surly our gesture to those who support us by placing pre-orders.

The good news is the past crazy Halloween and Christmas dose not make too much impact on our design team and thus we can release the Iron Patriot according to our schedule. We have a separate team working on the Iron Patriot suit beside the Mark 42.

designers, engineers and craftsmen

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