Road Map of the next 30 days

Dear fans,
In this post, we will reveal our road map of the next 30 days and conclude our previous achievement. This is not a static plan but a dynamic plan which means it may change with your feedback and the development progress of our team. OK let's see the exciting road map!
What's coming in the next 30 days

  • Videos and new photos of Mark 42 (XLII) will be released before 16th June, 2014
  • New Videos and new photos of Mark 6 (VI) with full electronic add-ons will be released before 16th June, 2014.
  • Mark 4 (IV) will be released before 16th, June 2014. We consider this will be a big release because 90% components of the Mark 4 suit are the same as those of Mark 6 suit which means you will enjoy a super deal - buy one, get two Iron Man suits.

What we have achieved previously

  • Website is moved to new domain in 5th June 2014
  • Ordering page was upgraded systematically in 28th May 2014
  • Additional electronic add-ons of Mark 6 was released in 27th May 2014
  • Mark 42 was released in 23rd March 2014
  • New control board was deployed in February 2014
  • New website was launched in January 2014
  • New spray painting technique was applied in October 2013
  • Mark 6 was released in August 2013
designers, engineers and craftsmen

Iron Man, Halo Master Chief, Batman, Star Wars Armor Costume Suit

Our mission is to design and produce high quality cutting-edge armor costumes inspired from famous comics, movies and games.

From our point of view, building Cosplay costumes, especially armor costumes, must achieve two key goals. One, it must bring fantasy to real world, so we try our best making them ultra-realistic and movie-accurate using cutting-edge 3D modeling software, advanced 3D printing technology and consecutive-number-controlled (CNC) machining center. Two, they also have to be durable, so we try our best to build them to survive as many wears as possible with minimal maintenance by continuously upgrading the design and producing methodology and material from EVA foam cutting and gluing to high-strength PU molding and assembling.

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