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  2. We Can Build Made-to-Measure Iron Man Costume Suit for You!

    We now proudly announce that we can build made-to-measure Iron Man costume suit for you. You will see following changes and improvements in ordering pages.

    Major changes

    • 7 option ranges in size & measurements section have been widened, including?weight,?head breadth,?shoes size,?chest circumference,?waist circumference,?buttock circumference,?thigh circumference
    • 3 options in size & measurements section are no longer required, including?body height,?leg height,?axillary arm circumference

    Minor improvements

    • The ordering page will notify you to confirm your measurements before you proceed to shopping cart page

    If you have any trouble in placing order, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing sales@buyfullbodyarmors.com

  3. Get your own Iron Man suit now! Delivery time updated

    Thanks to our optimized production procedure and our artificers' improved skills, we are managed to cut the producing time of our ultra-realistic wearable Iron Man suit to a new record!

    buy Iron Man suit Mark 6 and we will ship it out

    • within 18 days for normal delivery
    • within 8 days for urgent delivery *
    • within 4 days for in stock delivery *

    buy Iron Man suit Mark 42 and we will ship it out

    • within 22 days for normal delivery
    • within 10 days for urgent delivery *
    • within 5 days for in stock delivery *

    * extra fee will be charged.

  4. We will release detail photos of Iron Man suit Mark 42 this week

    Crazy days again, so busy these days.

    We will release detail photos of Iron Man suit Mark 42 this week, including photos of each parts and full-body wearing photos of Mark 42 v.s. Mark 6.

    Buy Now!

Items 6 to 10 of 22 total

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