The New Wearable War Machine Mark I Chest Add-ons

We have to admit that the Hammer Industry did have the talent to shove all kinds of weapons into, well, mostly mount onto, the Iron Man Mark II and forcefully upgraded it to the War Machine Mark I. When we were working on the chest armor of the new wearable War Machine Mark I armor costume, we found it was really not an easy job to integrate all these motorized add-ons as well. It almost took us 4 months to complete the design of the 'weapon' structure, electronic parts, armor parts, and wearing system.

For example, the M134 mini-gun mounted in the back armor made the center of gravity of the chest armor extremely close to the backside, we have to design a special structure to avoid the chest armor rotate backside. Another challenge is the Ex-wife which has a very fancy action of opening and closing in the movie. To realize that series of actions, we designed a sophisticated, yet still stable, mechanical structure to carry the well known 'ex-wife' missile.

For the motorized back wing flaps and CO2 propulsion system which works based on dry ice vaporization, we redesigned it several times to allow it work continuously without icing the tunnel of the airflow.

We also improved the light intensity of the chest Arc Reactor. You can adjust it manually to make it dimmer or lighter to the extreme.

All these motorized add-ons and lights consume energy more and faster than any other armor costumes we have ever built, therefore we felt obliged to design a new battery solution for the War Machine. We do have received some very precious and useful advice from our customers and friends about the batteries, especially when met me Hiroshi in Tokyo, Japan 2 years ago. The new battery solution holds up to twelve 18650 lithium batteries and allows you to change batteries easily without taking off the entire chest armor. Another exciting feature of the powering is the 'easy-to-switch' external power source which can power the War Machine Mark I's electronic system via a plug with its opening in the back of the chest armor. You can switch between the battery powering and the external powering by a quick switch under the right shoulder cap.

The Wearable War Machine Mark I Chest Add-ons

The Wearable War Machine Mark I Chest Add-ons

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