Iron Man War Machine Suit Wearable Armor Costume R&D Full History

The full development history of the wearable Iron Man War Machine armor suit costume.

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  1. The Wearable War Machine Mark I Motorized Add-on Development Progress - Ex-Wife, Back Wing Flaps

    We have completed the prototype design and development of the Wearable War Machine Mark I Motorized Add-on - the Ex-Wife and the back wing flaps

    Enjoy and stay tuned!

  2. The Wearable War Machine Mark I Armor Costume Suit Will Be Back Soon!

    The War Machine Mark I, [debuted in the movie Iron Man 2 (2010)], has always been one of the most popular armor costume suits. Even after we put the old version obsoleted, fans have still been inquiring about it.

    The good news is that we will soon bring this wonderful armor costume back! The new War Machine Mark I armor costume suit will be re-designed and rebuilt by our cutting-edge methodology and techniques. And it will have more add-ons than ever. I can assure you that it will be another master piece :)

    Stay tuned!

    War Machine Mark I costume suit armor design

  3. [Special Edition] The Wearable War Machine Furious Armor

    How about a wearable War Machine armor with the classical red-gold color scheme of the Iron Man? Here you go!

    The special edition of the wearable War Machine Furious Armor is definitely the bad-ass costume you can show in parties and events! And it's unique!

    wearable War Machine Furious armor 4

  4. Upgrade Complete! See the new Wearable War Machine Suit Costume!

    In the last month, we were making some final upgrades for the wearable War Machine Suit costume so as to improve the overall performance, sustainability and wearability of this new armor.

    Buy the wearable War Machine Suit costume now!


    Upgrade Log:

    • Shoulder-Chest Supporting Structure - this new supporting structure cost us around 3 weeks to make it strong enough, yet light weight, to hold and support all the loads mounted on it. These include the M134 Mini-gun mounted on the shoulder back, the Ex-wife Missile housed in the left shoulder pack, the Central Electronic System (CES) housed in the right shoulder pack, the motorized back wing flaps and the CO2 powered propulsion simulator housed in the back.
    • Control System - we added a new button control set on the right and left thigh armor to be a back-up when other control system is a malfunction. We killed the finger gesture control because it continually failed in our sustainability and stress test. We still keep the voice control as the primary control system.
    • Relocation and Configuration of Electronic System - we integrated all the electronic chips and boards and accessory modules as the Central Electronic System (CES) and compressed their weight and volume up to about 20%. And we designed a framework to organize them like blade servers and relocated them into the right shoulder pack to allow for a more comfortable wearing experience.
    • New Surface Treatment and New Painting - we adjusted the paint color and use new metal primer and color paint to make the overall look and feel of the wearable War Machine suit more metallic and more like that in the movie.
    • Measurement Charts - we added about 10 new measurement fields to ensure you get the best fit for this suit. And we rebuilt the webpage of the ordering process to hold more add-on contents and give better user experience.



    New Videos of the wearable War Machine Suit costume



    New Photos of the wearable War Machine Suit costume

    wearable War Machine suit costume green

    wearable War Machine suit costume front

    wearable War Machine suit costume side

    wearable War Machine suit costume back

    wearable War Machine suit costume back co2

    wearable War Machine suit costume front black

  5. The Price List for the War Machine suit


    Basic Suit
    2,399 USD
    The basic suit contains no add-ons.

    Essential Package

    2,899 USD instant saving 304 USD

    • Features
      • The Essential Package of the wearable War Machine suit contains following add-ons
      • Basic War Machine Suit, 2,399 USD
      • Motorized face plate and eye lights (glow red), 129 USD
      • Chest Arc Reactor, 79 USD
      • Blue lights under the chest armor, 19 USD
      • 2 Hand lights, 29 USD
      • M134 mini-gun basic version (static gun position, gun-barrels rotation), 399 USD
      • Static forearm assault rifles (both arms), 149 USD
    • Control System
      • Stable basic controls, free

    Advanced Add-ons

    If you buy following advanced add-on(s) and spend over 4,499 USD, you will get free direct voice control.

    • Add-on Options
      • Upgrade to 2 Hand Repulsors with sound effect, +169 USD
      • Upgrade to motorized forearm assault rifles, both forearms +269 USD, left/right forearm +149 USD
      • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) back jet pack ,motorized back wing flaps and CO2 powered propulsion simulators 999 USD, only motorized back wing flaps 289 USD
      • Shoes bottom lights, 99 USD
      • Voice changer, 199 USD
    • Control System
      • Direct voice control 199 USD


    • Bodysuit (morph suit) 39 USD
    • Height-increasing shoe pad, full sole 15 USD, half sole 10 USD

    Shipping fee

    • 299 USD

    And we may charge some oversize fee depending on your measurements.

Items 1 to 5 of 15 total

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