[Project Update] The New War Machine Mark I Armor Costume Suit Leg Testing

We spent around 4 months' effort on the leg structure of the New War Machine Mark I Armor Costume Suit and are delighted to see that the outcome is satisfying. The lower part of an Iron Man armor costume always has the most number of articulated structures and joints - waist armor pieces, connections between crotch and thighs, knee joints, and connections between lower legs and shoe armors. The ambition to build the best armor costumes pushes us to conquer each and every challenge we met during the process of designing these joints and connections. We aim to make each joint with a smooth and wide range of movement, and meanwhile, we must not sacrifice the armor coverage. I mean, after all, we are building a wearable full body armor, not some separated parts for displaying.

Some special movable structure was designed to realize the above vision.

  • thigh front slide armor
  • articuated knee joint armor
  • articuated hip joint armor
  • sliding back hip armor

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