Hand LED lights v.s. Hand Repulsor with sound effect.

All Iron Man suits retains Iron Man's signature Repulsors in the hands. In the Iron Man movie, The Hand Repulsors can be used as weapons with its very famous power recharge sound effect.

We have provided two options in basic electronic add-ons section for all our current available Iron Man costume suits and will include them in all our future Iron Man suits - one is merely simple LED plate with no sound effect while the other option is far more advanced with lights intensity change control and sound effect.

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The hand Repulsor is designed as the same as that in the movie. After you click the trigger switch of the Hand Repulsor, the intensity of the Repulsor LED lights rises to a peak then dim to normal level along with the sound effect from the movie. The left and right Hand Repulsors are separately controlled. There is no need to select Hand LED lights option any more if you select this option.

Components of the Iron Man costume suit Hand Repulsors with sound effect

  • Sound and Illumination module of the Hand Repulsors
    • micro horn
    • LED beads plate
  • Power unit and control unit of the open-close mechanism & eye lights
    • controlled by the sound electronic control board in the chest - back armor

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