About Price & Payment

About Price and Payment of IronMan costume suit armor replica.

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  1. How to pay via PayPal

    PayPal is our preferred payment method. You will be redirected to PayPal website (in PayPal.com domain) to finish the payment and then automatically be redirected back to our website (in buyfullbodyarmors.com domain) where you will see the order successful page and meanwhile you will receive an order confirmation email.

    PayPal is now supporting PayPal Credit.

    PayPal also supports direct payment by Credit Card for customers who does not have a PayPal account. But PayPal does encourage you register a PayPal account for easy and safe online shopping. Sign Up for PayPal and pay however you want, with your bank account, debit cards, or credit cards. All in one secure place and buying is always free.

  2. Can I pay in currency other than USD?

    Yes you can pay in your preferred currency.

    The base currency in buyfullbodyarmors.com is US dollar. You can choose to view prices in your preferred currency by changing the display currency options in the product detail page.

    The exchange rate buyfullbodyarmors.com uses may not match those listed in newspapers or other financial databases buy is only for reference. If you choose to pay by currency other than USD in PayPal or Western Union, the currency conversion is calculated according to their exchange rate.

  3. How much are the Iron Man costume suits?

    Base Price
    All our Iron Man costume suits have a base price which is determined mainly based on the design and production complexity of the suit. The surface structure and the color scheme are two major factors that will make a great difference of the workload to create the suit.

    For example, Mark 42 costs much more time and resource than Mark 6 because the Mark 42 has more sophisticated surface structure and color scheme. In another case, the base price of the Iron Patriot will be higher than that of the War Machine.

    Extra Customization Fee
    If your measurements are larger than our standard size, we will have to charge you a little bit extra fee for extra time of design, material and shipping fee. This extra fee is calculated and added to the total price automatically after you submit your size & measurements in the ordering page.

    Add-ons Price
    All electronic add-ons and accessories are provided as optional features of the suit. You may choose what you want and their option prices will be added to the total price automatically.

    Shipping Fee
    Our worldwide shipping fee by DHL / FedEx is 200 USD. The shipping fee is shown in the checkout page.

  4. Discount for regular customers and pre-orders.

    Discount for regular customers
    We always welcome regular customers. If you previously have purchased Iron Man suits in our website, please contact sales@buyironmansuit.com for discount code.

    Discount for pre-orders
    Whenever the release date of a new Iron Man suit or new electronic add-ons are determined, we will start to accept pre-orders. Usually, pre-orders will enjoy about up to 5% discount.

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