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5,999 USD

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Made-to-measure. Durable.
Worldwide Shipping

Sizes and Measurements

  • All our armor costumes are made-to-measure, ensuring a perfect fit for the wearer.
  • We can only accommodate wearers whose heights fall within the range of 5'1" to 6'6".
  • After paying the deposit, we will contact you for measurements.


  • Building: The product is NOT made using 3D printing technology. Major parts are molded with PU plastic.
  • Material: Durable Polyurethane (PU) plastic, ABS plastic, nylon, aluminum alloy framework
  • Painting: Automobile primer, automobile metallic color paints, automobile high-gloss protection paint
  • Suit size: Made-to-measure, life-size
  • Suit weight: Approx. 13.2 lbs (6 kg)
  • Shipping size: Approx. Height: 18.1" (46 cm), Width: 42.1" (107 cm), Depth: 20" (51 cm) (varies with measurements)
  • Shipping weight: Approx. 66 lbs (30 kg) (varies with add-ons choice)


  • Exquisite detailing
  • Articulated joints for smooth and flexible motion
  • Modular design for upgrades or measurement adjustments
  • Cold blue ambient lights in the helmet, the chest, the shoulder caps, and the thighs
  • Voice command control
  • Real-time voice changer
  • Helmet ventilation cooling system


  • Spandex body suit
  • Shoe insoles (armor adds 2 inches to visual height, insoles add 1 extra inch)
  • Kit for spares and tools


Please contact us for the following requirements after you pay the deposit. We will manually add the price to your order.

  • Battle Damage on the right chest armor, 499 USD
  • Personalized Printing (words, logo), 199 USD
  • Custom Painting, start from 499 USD
  • Energy Sword (PU Plastic and ABS plastic), 49 USD
  • New ARC-920 Railgun with breath-taking plasma pipe for energizing and firing process, a charging handle to open the chamber for loading bullets, a trigger to charge plasma pipe, an LCD screen displaying the current charge status, and cool sound effects. Limited-time offer 2,299 USD 2,499 USD Details >
  • New MA5C Assult Rifle with features including magazine reloading, simulated bullets (casings), chambering, shell ejection upon trigger press, an LCD screen displaying current ammo count, and cool sound effects. Limited-time offer 1,799 USD 1,999 USD Details >
  • Linum Scarf, 69 USD


  • Putting on the armor is a straightforward process, taking around 15 minutes with the assistance of one person once you're familiar with the armor.
  • The armor suit will add approximately 3 inches to your height. Once you've suited up, the visual impact is truly remarkable.

Wearing units

  • Helmet
  • Torso
  • Arms & shoulder caps
  • Gloves
  • Legs
  • Shoes

Production & Delivery

  • Receive photo and video updates during production
  • Worldwide door-to-door air express shipping
  • Items securely wrapped in foam and shipped in a sturdy wooden box
  • Tracking information provided after shipping


  • Start with a deposit, then pay the rest during production
  • Payment via credit and debit cards through PayPal
  • Pay in your preferred currency
  • You control the payment plan and can adjust as needed
  • Full payment required before shipping
Due Today 500 USD
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Armor Suit

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