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The Wearable War Machine Furious armor is made-to-measure and custom made according to your add-on requirement.


  • Helmet material: fiberglass, ABS, synthetic resin
  • Gauntlets (hand armors) material: fiberglass, ABS, synthetic resin
  • Shoes material: a pair of sandal shoes, fiberglass, ABS, EVA
  • Body material: ABS, EVA, fiberglass, synthetic resin, aluminum alloy
  • Wearing system material: nylon belt, nylon plug, Velcro hooks and loops
  • Painting: primer, color paint, high gloss protection paint



  • Standard producing time: 35 working days, urgent options available
  • Shipping time
    • North America, most of the European countries: 2 to 4 working days by DHL or FedEx
    • South America, Australia, Asia, Africa, other countries or region: 4 to 6 working days by DHL or FedEx 
  • Shipping range: worldwide

Feature Highlights

  • New material - fiberglass and ABS with EVA inner lining.
  • New painting technology - automobile spray painting, primer layer, color layer, protection layer.
  • New integrated joint structure - move faster and more comfortable, less or no joint gaps.
    • articulated shoes & ankle joint
    • articulated knee joint
    • articulated and flexible belly & crotch
    • articulated elbow joint
    • multilayer bendable and rotatable neck armor
  • New control system - basic button control, voice control (beta)
    • stable basic controls
    • direct voice control
  • Removable add-on unit - strong, yet light weight aluminum alloy mechanical structure and Arduino micro-controller can be easily attached or detached for routine maintenance.
    • M134 mini-gun support base
    • back jet pack motorized open-close mechanism
    • forearm machine gun


Wearing System

Generally speaking, it will only take you around 30 mins to put it on for the first time. But after you get familiar with the structure, you only need about 15 mins.

The suit can be divided to following wearing units (sorted by wearing sequence):

  • thighs & legs
  • shoes
  • belly & crotch
  • helmet & neck
  • chest & back
  • arms
  • gauntlets (hands)



wearable War Machine Furious armor 1

wearable War Machine Furious armor 2

wearable War Machine Furious armor 3

wearable War Machine Furious armor 4

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Advance payment $500
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Bare foot stand height
Head breadth
Neck circumference
Chest circumference
Waist circumference
Hip circumference
Axillary arm circumference
Thigh circumference
Calf circumference
Shoes size chart
Little finger length ("pinky finger")
Ring finger length
Middle finger length
Index finger length
Thumb finger length
2nd knuckle breadth of little finger
2nd knuckle breadth of middle finger
knuckle breadth of thumb finger
Palm Width
Motorized face plate and eye lights
Chest Arc Reactor
Blue lights under the chest armor
M134 mini-gun basic version
Stable basic controls
Bodysuit (morph suit)
High-increasing shoe lifts
Add-on options
2 Hand lights / 2 Hand Repulsors with sound effect
Static / Motorized forearm assault rifles
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) back jet pack
Stand alone M134 mini-gun
2 Shoe bottom lights
Voice changer
Additional Note
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