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Payment policy

You will only need to pay 20% of the total (including shipping fee) as advance payment. Our producing team will send you photo status reports and send you PayPal invoices for corresponding payments when we reach following milestones. Please note you need to pay in full before we ship you suit. We will send you the tracking number the moment your suit is picked up by DHL.

  • the completion of basic armor piece manufacture and first round assembly - 30% of the total
  • the completion of surface treatment & spray painting - 30% of the total
  • the completion of electronic system installation & general assembly (ready for shipping) - 20% of the total
Expected to ship:

Short Description

The wearable War Machine suit costume is made-to-measure and custom made according to your add-on requirement.


  • Helmet material: fiberglass, ABS, synthetic resin
  • Gauntlets (hand armors) material: fiberglass, ABS, synthetic resin
  • Shoes material: a pair of sandal shoes, fiberglass, ABS, EVA
  • Body material: ABS, EVA, fiberglass, synthetic resin, aluminum alloy
  • Wearing system material: nylon belt, nylon plug, Velcro hooks and loops
  • Painting: primer, color paint, high gloss protection paint


About Quality


We made several major improvements on the material we use to build our armor costumes according to the reviews and feedback from our customers.

The Iron Man Mark 43 armor, Master Chief armor and all the coming soon armors are made of following material.

  • The major material is PU plastic. Compare PU with fiberglass
  • Some armor pieces are made of ABS plastic.
  • Aluminum alloy framework is designed and used in several critical positions to support the weight of an armor. Aluminum alloy framework is also used to build the mechanical structure of the motorized add-ons.

The War Machine Armor is made of following material.

  • The major material is ABS with EVA foam lining.
  • Some armor pieces are made of fiberglass.
  • Aluminum alloy framework is designed and used in several critical positions to support the weight of an armor. Aluminum alloy framework is also used to build the mechanical structure of the motorized add-ons.

Several "painting peeling off" issues were reported in the first batch of Mark 43 armors we delivered in the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016. We immediately pinpointed the fault in our painting procedure and have completely solved it. We are now spraying 2 layers of primer of which the first layer combines very firmly with the PU plastic.

  • first layer of primer
  • second layer of primer
  • color paint
  • high gloss protection paint

We have upgraded our assembly methodology for the Iron Man Mark 43 armor, Master Chief armor and all the coming soon armors so as to achieve the three goals below.

  • More durable
  • Easier to repair or maintain
  • Easier to upgrade
After-sales service

We always provide active after-sales service to solve any issue in your suit.

Important Notice:

  • We may need to see photos and videos so as to understand the nature of issues in your armor costume.
  • We may charge some fee for after-sales service depending on the situation.


  • Standard producing time: around 35 working days, urgent options available
  • Shipping time
    • North America, most of the European countries: 2 to 4 working days by DHL or FedEx
    • South America, Australia, Asia, Africa, other countries or region: 4 to 6 working days by DHL or FedEx 
  • Shipping range: worldwide



Price List

Basic Suit
2,399 USD
The basic suit contains no add-ons.

Essential Package

2,899 USD instant saving 304 USD

  • Features
    • The Essential Package of the wearable War Machine suit contains following add-ons
    • Basic War Machine Suit, 2,399 USD
    • Motorized face plate and eye lights (glow red), 129 USD
    • Chest Arc Reactor, 79 USD
    • Blue lights under the chest armor, 19 USD
    • 2 Hand lights, 29 USD
    • M134 mini-gun basic version (static gun position, gun-barrels rotation), 399 USD
    • Static forearm assault rifles (both arms), 149 USD
  • Control System
    • Stable basic controls, free

Advanced Add-ons

If you buy following advanced add-on(s) and spend over 4,499 USD, you will get free direct voice control.

  • Add-on Options
    • Upgrade to 2 Hand Repulsors with sound effect, +169 USD
    • Upgrade to motorized forearm assault rifles, both forearms +269 USD, left/right forearm +149 USD
    • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) back jet pack ,motorized back wing flaps and CO2 powered propulsion simulators 999 USD, only motorized back wing flaps 289 USD
    • Shoes bottom lights, 99 USD
    • Voice changer, 199 USD
  • Control System
    • Direct voice control 199 USD


  • Bodysuit (morph suit) 39 USD
  • Height-increasing shoe pad, full sole 15 USD, half sole 10 USD

Shipping fee

  • 299 USD

And we may charge oversize fee depending on your measurements.

Feature Highlights

  • New material - fiberglass and ABS with EVA inner lining.
  • New painting technology - automobile spray painting, primer layer, color layer, protection layer.
  • New integrated joint structure - move faster and more comfortable, less or no joint gaps.
    • articulated shoes & ankle joint
    • articulated knee joint
    • articulated and flexible belly & crotch
    • articulated elbow joint
    • multilayer bendable and rotatable neck armor
  • New control system - basic button control, voice control (beta)
    • stable basic controls
    • direct voice control
  • Removable add-on unit - strong, yet light weight aluminum alloy mechanical structure and Arduino micro-controller can be easily attached or detached for routine maintenance.
    • M134 mini-gun support base
    • back jet pack motorized open-close mechanism
    • forearm machine gun


Wearing System

Generally speaking, it will only take you around 30 mins to put it on for the first time. But after you get familiar with the structure, you only need about 15 mins.

The suit can be divided to following wearing units (sorted by wearing sequence):

  • thighs & legs
  • shoes
  • belly & crotch
  • helmet & neck
  • chest & back
  • arms
  • gauntlets (hands)



wearable War Machine suit costume front

wearable War Machine suit costume side

wearable War Machine suit costume back

wearable War Machine suit costume back co2

wearable War Machine suit costume front black


In the Movie:

The War Machine Armor was first built by Tony Stark then rebuilt from the original Mark armor II by the Hammer Industries.The War Machine Armor has a dark metallic and silver color plating on it's overall armor design. Since it was formerly the Mark II, only transformed by being weaponized and customized, it retains all the signature features of the Iron Man armor, and is only bulkier and heavier in appearance. The armor is equipped with a bunch of powerful weapons, including its iconic M134 min-gun attached to the left, two large shoulder packs carrying an Ex-wife missile inside of them, bulky forearm packs each mounted with a machine gun. The armor has a pair of large jet backpacks to give enhanced flying power to complement the significantly increased weight of the armor and weapons.

The War Machine Armor made it's debut in the movie Iron Man 2 when it was presented at the Stark Expo, piloted by Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes, as a part of a new military team held for the U.S. Military along with the Hammer Drones.


(cited from wikia)

During the night at Tony's Birthday Party, he goes drunk while wearing the Mark IV Iron Man armor, which enrages his best friend Rhodey. When Pepper fails to stop Tony in being reckless from his drunken state, Rhodey, knowing that there was no other choice, heads down to the garage and dons the Mark II from the Hall of Armors. Tony and Rhodey battle to a stalemate when they fire their repulsors at each other, creating a massive explosion. Disgusted, Rhodey delivers the Mark II to the military and it is rebuilt by Hammer Industries into the War Machine.

The War Machine, with Rhodey still as its pilot, is unveiled at the Stark Expo along with the Hammer Drones. Tony arrives in the new Mark VI armor and tries to warn Rhodey, but he is uninterested until Vanko takes control of the drones and the War Machine armor and uses them to attack. War Machine and Iron Man battle each other while Tony tries to stop the drones at the same time. Eventually, Natasha Romanoff restored control of War Machine to Rhodey and together he and Tony took out the remaining Hammer Drones. They then had to face Vanko himself in a powerful suit of armor and were unable to defeat him even working together. Remembering their earlier fight, Tony has Rhodey fire the War Machine's repulsor at the Mark VI at the same time Tony fires at him, causing an explosion in front of Vanko, destroying his suit and defeating him. Vanko self-destructs himself and his drones, but both Iron Man and War Machine escape. Rhodey later finds Tony and Pepper kissing and Tony demands the return of the armor but Rhodey refuses, citing that his car was destroyed in the battle. Rhodey then flies off in War Machine.

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Head breadth
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Neck circumference
Chest circumference
Waist circumference
Hip circumference
Axillary arm circumference
Thigh circumference
Calf circumference
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Little finger length ("pinky finger")
Ring finger length
Middle finger length
Index finger length
Thumb finger length
Finger knuckle breadth
2nd knuckle breadth of little finger
2nd knuckle breadth of middle finger
knuckle breadth of thumb finger
Palm Width
Motorized face plate and eye lights
Chest Arc Reactor
Blue lights under the chest armor
M134 mini-gun basic version
Stable basic controls
Bodysuit (morph suit)
High-increasing shoe lifts
Add-on options
2 Hand lights / 2 Hand Repulsors with sound effect
2 Shoe bottom lights
Voice changer
Static / Motorized forearm assault rifles
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) back jet pack
Control system

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Direct voice control
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