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  1. Ultra-realistic Full-size Wearable Iron Man Suit Mark 2 (II) Armor Costume Replica


    • Model Name: Mark II (2)
    • Color: chrome-silver
    • Size: made-to-measure
    • Add-ons: Motorized face plate, eye lights, chest Arc Reactor, Hand Repulsors, forearm missiles, motorized back wing flaps


    Product Description:

    Ultra realistic full-size wearable Iron Man Mark 2 (II) suit armor costume replica (debuted in IRON MAN 1).



    The Iron Man suit Mark 2 was first debuted in the movie Iron Man 1 after Tony Stark escaping the Ten Rings. The Iron Man suit Mark II (2) was developed as a prototype with an emphasis on exploring flights potential. It was discovered the Mark 2 had a problem with freezing at high altitudes. This issue was solved with a refined titanium-gold alloy used in the Iron Man suit Mark 3 (III) armor. The Iron Man suit Mark 2 was then turned into War Machine equipped with weapons from Justin Hammer in the movie Iron Man 2.

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