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  1. The Wearable Iron Man Mark 42 (XLII) Suit Armor Costume Made by New Material and New Techniques

    Still remember the most characteristic armor in the movie Iron Man 3? And do you recall the famous line for this armor?

    Jarvis: Mark 42 inbound.

    [Stark sees the MK42 armor flying toward the battlefield]

    Tony Stark: I'll be damned. The prodigal son returns.

    Two years ago, we first built the Mark 42 armor by using the EVA foam and old techniques. Now we have rebuilt it using our new material and new assembly and painting techniques. If you are looking for a shinny gold Iron Man suit, this is it.

    If you want to purchase the Iron Man Mark 42 suit, please place your order through the Mark 43's product page and leave a note to state you want the Mark 42 painting.

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    The wearable Iron Man Suit Mark 43 XLIII armor costume product page: https://buyfullbodyarmors.com/the-wearable-iron-man-mark-43-xliii-suit-costume.html

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